Welsh Rarebit Mixture


Toast a slice of bread lightly on both sides.  Allow to cool slightly.  Press the Welsh Rarebit Mixture onto the toast about 1cm thick and place under a grill.  Serve when golden brown and bubbling. 


"At St. JOHN we always suggest that our diners eat the Rarebit with Worcestershire Sauce. Score the surface of the toasted rarebit to make criss-cross irrigation channels, then liberally drip with sauce".


TO FEED 6 – 8

10 good size Maris Piper potatoes
4 bay leaves
300ml single cream
25g butter
Salt and Pepper
250g Welsh Rarebit Mixture

Use a little knob of the butter to liberally grease an ovenproof dish. Slice your potatoes very thinly, using a mandolin if you have one. You can peel the potatoes first, or leave the skins on. This is a grey are for the chef to decide; Fergus tends towards ‘on’. Lay the potatoes into the dish in geological strata, strewing the ground pepper, salt and bay leaves and little pieces of butter between the layers. Pour the cream over the layers, until it just shows at the sides. The dish should not be saturated with liquid, but it should be well lubricated. Finish with a few more dots of butter and bake in a low oven 160°C for
1½ hours, until the top starts to take on a happy crunch. Liberally scatter healthy knobs of Welsh Rarebit Mixture over the top of the hot potatoes then finish under the grill until golden and bubbling.



“You could be forgiven for thinking that this is a bit racy! Let me whet your appetite.” 
– Fergus Henderson

6 burger buns
6 good quality burgers
(or make your own patties, according to your preferred recipe)
One 250g pot of Welsh Rarebit Mixture
A 50/50 mix of ketchup and mayonnaise
One head of little gem lettuce
2 happy tomatoes

Show the inside halves of the buns to the grill, remove when lightly toasted then apply the pink sauce made from your ketchup and mayonnaise – only a smear, for structural purposes.

If outside:
Apply the burger patties to the barbeque, brown on one side, turn over and dollop Rarebit Mixture onto the browned side, pressing down slightly with the back of a spoon. Leave until the burger is pleasingly browned and cooked inside to your liking, and the Rarebit Mixture has melted its way across the patty.
And if inside:
Slide the burgers under a grill, brown on both sides until just rarer than you like.  Press some Rarebit Mixture onto each patty and return to the grill for a few minutes until melted and bubbling.

Whether outside or inside, pop the burger onto the bun, topped with a lettuce leaf and a slice of
tomato or two. Enjoy your delicious Rarebit Cheeseburgers!